Feb 24, 2012- Top Foreign Buy/Sell and Average Foreign Buy/Sell for 02-24-2012

I’m attaching the top net foreign buys for Feb 24, 2012, as well as the average net foreign buy in this afternoon’s bargain sale.

(In Millions) 


Just some data  🙂

-Faceless Trader


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7 Responses to Feb 24, 2012- Top Foreign Buy/Sell and Average Foreign Buy/Sell for 02-24-2012

  1. DRE says:

    where can i find the NFS/NFB sa PSE website?


  2. nosteng says:

    Nice blog! 🙂
    May I know your take in CMT/HLCM? Got ipits at 12ish and 1.87. 😐


    • CMT diba recently ( i think last two days) technciall broke out of pattern, pero i know maraming naipit sa mga iyan.
      I apologize for not reading the financial statements of those two companies , but please check their net income. I think the projections for cement companies’ outlook for the year is good primarily due to the infrastructure theme but their P/Es are now trading at 20x I believe. I don’t know the industry average for these cement types but for a construction company, EEI is cheaper (less than 10X forward pe). In any case, two different businesses naman tlga ang cemento at ang construction…and anyone who’d build a house or a bridge (like the government) will need cement. So fundamentals mejo- fairly priced siguro, tapos base your trade on the technicals na lang. I think its more of a momentum trade, rather than a core term holding. (but aniwei, just my thots)- its you who’ll make money or not 🙂


      • I checked the PSE website. HLCM is currently trading at 19.5x trailing P/e while CMT trades at 9.89X p/e. I don’t know the forward estimates for these companies, but it would be useful to read their reports (if you plan on holding them as investments). What happened last two days ago on these two cement companies seem like a normal healthy correction with the market movement. I guess, you know deep down , where your final cuts are so just follow them 🙂 No need to be shaken out, unless the system that works best for you is to have a tight stop 🙂


      • Another simple thing to do when you do your analysis, is to check historically at what price/earnings ratios did cement companies trade at during the bull markets of 2007 and other market cycles because you can at least place a target price on where these companeis HLCM and CMT can possibly be valued based on a historical guide lang naman.


      • nosteng says:

        Thank you so much facelesstrader! Idk how to use P/E kase actually. But thanks. Definitely learned new something today. Im planning to hold til August. What’s your take on that?


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