Feb 23, 2012 – Post Analysis of Market Selloff


Actually, I totally missed the whole market action today – the sell off etc, because of a vehicular accident. Good thing the parties concerned (me and the one with me in the accident are okay na, though he got a bone fracture which will probably take months to heal.)  Anyway, let’s get back to business.

One of the things I wanted to study in the current sell off (my thoughts) are the following:

(Special thanks to Mr. Silime,  and Ruach for their CSV Daily quotation links in Stock Market Pilipinas forums.  Without their links, I would have had to type all the data and it would have resulted into a lot of countless hours just to manually type.  Thank you for already placing it in excel format, at least I can just vlookup it now.  Also thanks again to Mr. Spicy Siomai for giving me the idea of doing these net buy/ net sell studies.)

1.) During a down day like today, which stocks were actually not sold by the foreigners but even bought up, larger than the usual average buying/selling volume for 2012?


Stocks Bought Today which is greater than their average net foreign buy for the last Jan2 – Feb 23 trading day volume:

2.)  Which stocks are getting some love and unusually greater than average foreign buy volume these past three days?


(Kindly neglect companies getting some love pero disqualified–for instance OM,SHNG,VITA,SGI,CHIPS,WPI,AAI,SM- these companies are negative usually in their average foreign buying or almost none, pero since recently nag abate ung sell-off, it seemed as if they are bought, but actually not.) – My sorting data filter is not that powerful.

And for the people interested in the wild movements of these stocks, take a look at the graphs to help you guys gauge what to do on your holdings 😀 (Fund flows aspect only.  Kayo na bahala sa fundamentals and overlay niyo with technicals.)

(Btw, I’m not an oil analyst.  I frankly know nothing about the fundamentals of this stock, but Abacus Securities and Lucky Securities had analysts that made research reports on OV that were proven right on the dot by the markets.  Kudos sa kanila at mga naniwala.  Even with the sell off– still lots of gains for the early ones.  Read the PSE disclosure reports.  This one looks very interesting.)

Okay, good night. 😀

Honestly, I just tinkered around with data in PSE. I don’t have any views.  Make whatever you feel like in the data.  You can get the excel file from me.  (Just message me :D)

– Faceless Trader


Anyone who’s got data – csv files- give me the old data and I’ll tinker around with some analysis – place the link in a comment below this blogpost.  Thanks.


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11 Responses to Feb 23, 2012 – Post Analysis of Market Selloff

  1. Ben says:

    Thanks for the OV analysis FT. I am still holding since I got it at .035 but I lost a huge chunk of profits. Well, if you are a trend follower, it is bound to happen.


  2. welly says:

    hi Sir. Thanks for the the post. Can you teach me how to download csv files from pse site?


    • actually i dont know how to download csv files from the pse site. There’s a kind man in stock market pilipinas named Mr. Silime who just links daily the csv files from the pse website. I think some programmers like Yeahbah from Absolute Traders (A. Diaz real name)- made some useful how to parse data from the quotation reports.pdf into csv. Kindly google na lang. Ako , I ust get it from stockmarketpilipinas forum sir 😀


  3. Nobody says:

    FT, Regarding COL, there’s an additional listing of 6.1m from their SOP:

    “Content : The Exchange approved on January 9, 2008, the application of CITISECONLINE.COM, INC. (“COL” or the “Company”) to list additional 46,000,000 common shares, with a par value of P1.00 per share, to cover the Company’s Stock Option Plan (“SOP” or the “Plan”), at an exercise price of P1.00 per share. In this connection, please be advised that an additional 6,100,000 common shares have been availed of and fully paid under the Company’s SOP. In view thereof, the listing of additional 6,100,000 common shares availed of under the Company’s SOP is set for Friday, February 24, 2012. This brings the number of common shares listed under the Company’s SOP to a total of 34,650,000 common shares.”

    Does this imply that there can be huge sellers in the next few days?


  4. COL’s chart looks like a breakout though I am very reluctant in buying in since the volume is relatively thin.

    I think the companies also apply a holding period for the stock options like, they would require the recipients to hold it for 2 years before they can sell their shares in the market.


    • Nobody says:

      Hi chasing, thanks for the reply 😀

      ok let’s see what happens haha! Quite jittery I put on a big call on COL yesterday, I’ll just put quick stops if my call is wrong.


      • hello to Nobody and Chasing momentum,

        COL has 464.5 Mil shares of float so 34.65M shares represents less than 1% of the float, so the number in effect shouldn’t matter much. Also, I understand it’s more on the liquidity of the issue that’s the problem. Volumes have been thin before, but lately it’s been trading actively. We’ll see.


    • What I meant was “the company would require the recipients to hold it for years before they can sell”. I have no idea where I got the 2 years in my initial post lol.

      I think I’d better observe too. I’ve missed several profitable trades before because their volumes didn’t fit in my criteria.


      • Nobody says:


        Speaking of volume, what do you guys think bout SMDC? Has good fundamentals and low volume, except that now, fundies are starting to buy it like UBS, Macq, etc.

        Broke out the 7.40 levels and even in a red PSE day haha it still holds its position.

        For me, AGI and SMDC’s performance will soon emerge, it hasn’t really soared up like its peers that’s why it isn’t affected by the usual profit taking cycle.


        Thanks. 😀


  5. Nobody says:

    *I mean, it broke out the 7.20-7.40 levels


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