Feb 12, 2012- Plans of Doing Old studies


Some digressions:

It’s really frankly my first time to experience a strongly trending market (if we’ll be having a bull market), so I’m actually thinking of making studies that go as far back as 50 years or 100 years.

Specifically, I want to study the price movements of Philippine index issues during the run up phase in the ’90s, as I wasn’t trading during this time yet.

That would be the subject of my next posts.  My charting software doesn’t have enough data that can make me study old price patterns though :(( but anyway, that’s what I’m thinking of doing – re market studies.


-Faceless Trader



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3 Responses to Feb 12, 2012- Plans of Doing Old studies

  1. ScIoN says:

    Frankly, there are only a few academic studies on our Philippine market, despite it being the oldest in the region. What exactly are you looking for? Purely technical (established patterns)? Quantitative analysis? I have been attempting to do this kind of research but availability of data has been my major concern.

    You might want to check out some papers written by UP professors regarding our stock market. Maybe you can find some answers from there, or see which areas haven’t been covered yet.


    • I want to look at the old charts (like 1990s , 80s and older ones to make a study on bull market periods etc. ) I understand we might get a price pullback, but I wanted to study old charts. I’ll try to check bloomberg when I can. 😀


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