Feb 1 2012- Focus on the 52 Week Highs and All Time Highs

It’s not merely about what you’re missing on the upside, but also how you clean your portfolio from the losers.  We all know there’s a lot of winners out there.  We may know why, we may also not know why (Why’s LMG up > 300% less than a week? , Angping stocks leading the way -NI,AGP,DIZ recently making more monstrous momentum gains et al).   The point is there are obviously some stocks that aren’t making you money, and there are those that are.  In a rising market, if everything goes up, find the leaders.  When you see a sore dog (EDC,FGEN,FPH,LPZ,MEG,MRC,SLI), you don’t bet on that, unless you see some bottoming out patterns.  You don’t have to be the first to get in.  Remember that.

I may not be as smart or as wily as those who can figure out bottoms, but in general, it comes down to money management and even if you figure the price to have overreacted based on the news event, never average down on a losing position.  The only exception is when you can position yourself into a trade, and justify it not merely by a technical bounce but a reasonable margin of safety on fundamentals.  If you can’t, then just skip it.

When you see a strong index, keep life simple and just have a basket of high beta plays (hence TEL,SMPH,MER so far have risen just strongly).  Sooner or later, I suspect other companies in the index will follow suit (Guessing the banks,conglomerates and ALI perhaps will soon come out of their slumber consolidations).

Also, it’s worth noting the number of stocks breaking into new highs in our index, as well as the other non-index stocks garnering some strong activities, and flying to new heights.

Here’s my list 😀

In general, my eyes lean more on the greens, then the blues then the pale oranges.

I realized just now I forgot to include SECB and a lot of stocks such as PNB,UBP,CHIB in the non-index.  Oops. Anyway, there are a ton of speculatives I didn’t put above such as LMG for instance.

Above is in general a simple index list.  (pardon if all time highs and dates may not be as accurate as I typed this manually and looked at charts manually too. I didn’t use any software or anything to make the data extrapolation easier. Byee).

-Faceless Trader


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5 Responses to Feb 1 2012- Focus on the 52 Week Highs and All Time Highs

  1. Ben says:

    haha, liked the Angping Index. 🙂


  2. Ipit Investor says:

    Hi… your greens are at all time highs. Will it be good to at 1/31/2012 or yesterday’s levels especially NI and Pgold? How about the uncolored ones like PX, BDO, ORE and orange BPI and mining stocks? Should we hold, sell or buy? Help us newbies cleanup our portfolios and keep only the good ones. THanks.


    • NI just broke its previous high — so it’s now trading in unchartered territories, but look to take profits on the strong extreme price movements (as the price moves higher, find a way to slowly sell half and keep your cheap positions until a sell signal happens.) – Just place a trailing stop, either the 20 day moving average or a personal target stop (example 8.70 or 8.50 as a trailing stop to your positions).

      In general, the market is breaking out— so u should hold PX,BDO,ORE and BPI.

      However for ORE (there’s a 5.70 resistance pa, but if it that breaks out— then prices could go even higher but ask yourself if the move has been too much too soon, siguro just take profits on extreme price movements.) – This could go higher, but risks are also going high so just take a balanced approach.

      hope this helps sir.


      • among px , bdo, ore and bpi – it’s BPI that’s about to break its previous High. ORE is also very close to the previous highs—so if it breaks through them – u have unchartered territories–if it has lots of selling–then that’s where u take you’ll take profits (nevertheless, i think the market momentum is very strong–it would be good to hold a core and just sell gradually to be balanced.)


  3. Ipit Investor says:



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