January 23, 2012- The Happy/Sad Meter

The following links below are some of the most interesting ones I’ve read, enough to share to my readers.  They essentially come from people I follow over twitter.  I can’t quite read most of them, let alone all the information barrage in the feeds, so I just rely on the most retweeted , most shared ones to be the more important ones.  I hope you guys will agree in the usefulness of these links.

Interesting Market Links:

1.) Jim O Neills’ Cheery View of The World  (Goldman Sachs View Point Newsletters) via Business Insider



2.) Tom De Mark Forecasts Market Top On Tuesday (Bloomberg Video)

3.) CLSA’s Christopher Wood (Greed and Fear excerpt) and Unleashing the Dragon on the bears – http://macromon.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/will-the-collapse-of-the-shanghai-composite-drag-on/

4.) Eye opening Article – when it comes to why Apple executives say – 

“We shouldn’t be criticized for using Chinese workers,” a current Apple executive said. “The U.S. has stopped producing people with the skills we need.”  (NYTimes)
My interpretation is that there will be buyers to support the next pullback.
We are technically overbought and in need of a healthy correction.  If the market loses its footing I’ll be watching credit spreads like a hawk ready to change my posture and outlook on a dime.  If conditions change, I will change my opinion.
“Plan the trade and trade the plan” is common advice, but good traders always have a Plan B.
As always, keep your happy/sad meters in balance and  never marry yourself to any opinions,
-Faceless Trader

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