Nov. 30, 2011- Steve Perlman Explains How They created Benjamin Button’s Special Effects

I love watching and learning from different disciplines, perhaps because I never really knew anything about programming and coding.  I’ve often been fascinated with technology, even if I don’t understand quite everything that Steve Perlman here is talking about.  In any case, I’m sure we all agree that the facial capture technology leading to best special effects for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” etc, are all powered by technologies such as these.  I can only imagine my elation, if one day, I can understand even 1/10 of what these Silicon valley and Palo Alto engineers do in real time.  For now, I’m just happy watching it like a fan.

Enjoy and if you understand anything, I hope to interact with you guys.  (Leave a comment, or an email:

– Faceless Trader (Wishes to understand technology in a deeper way, but understands it took years and lots of failures, and must first focus on the chosen niche of trading.  Nevertheless, this is pretty interesting right?)


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