Nov 24,2011- Inspirational Quotes and Pictures to Make You Smile

Quick confession.  I took up some graphic design lessons during a few Saturdays as a creative outlet, just to unwind.

Here are just a few things that I do to pass the time and make myself smile.  Hopefully , somehow you will smile too.

Below are just positive vibes 😀


1.) So anyway, there was one time when I  just wanted to eat a nice chocolate cupcake swirl, so since my mom bought some from S&R, I went eating one, and felt like creating a small reminder for it.

2.) During a trip in India, I took this very happy picture from a bakery.

I inserted a nice quote to help keep the positive vibes going 😀

“As you develop the daily habit of looking for good things, your life will steadily improve” – Andrew Matthews, Happiness in Hard Times

3.) Play is the highest form of Research. – Albert Einstein

I took a picture I saw in a store upon travelling in India, then I painted it to come up with this.

Before and After


– Okay- Have a great and happy day.  Smile!

– Faceless Trader (I never had any skill when it comes to coloring and painting, so I just try to go back to my inner childhood self, by doing digital arts.  I still have collages and scrapbooks.  I suppose it’s always been a childhood thing of mine to like lots of cute cartoons.)


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