Nov. 24, 2011- Capturing Steve Jobs After The Fallout in Apple

A good friend of mine forwarded this video to me and I’ve watched these 21 minutes of video more than 3 times.  Here are the reasons why these snippets are very powerful.  This is a closeup to how Steve Jobs, along with the 11 employees who followed him to start NeXT, after the fallout in Apple, underwent his NeXT moves in his life.

Watch the video, and listen to it over and over, because these are really very powerful videos.

Quotes That Struck Me:

1.) Just coz we blew it last time doesn’t mean we’d blow it this time.  We have a window.

2.)  The honeymoon is over.  All the things we got just because of our birthright, our being ends here.  We’ve been spending money.  In some areas, we have a lot to show.  In other areas, we don’t have a lot to show

3.) It would be a shame to lose the war, and just won some battles.  The rest of us are concentrating on the smaller battles, and not keeping the war in perspective.

4.) The War is not to run out of money, until we launch our product into market.  The war is called survival.

 5.)  His need to feel in contributing to history. – This drives him.

6.)  Spent the summer considering his next move.

7.)  Assertive as he is, he values consensus.

8.)  Apple was built from the heart.   Unfortunately, we didn’t always use our heads.  Now we’re smarter.

One of my largest wishes is we build Next from the heart. We’re doing this because we have a passion.  We’re doing this because we really care about the higher education process, not because we want to make a buck.

 9.) The goal definitely exists.  The vision needs to be reiterated. What I want is probably irrelevant.  The market is more important.

– Faceless Trader

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