Useless Rants

Just a rant.  Why do I have to be gone for important doctor appointments, and cemetery during six sigma days?  Why why why? FOMO (on the short side on the indexes and the long dollar trades).

On a lighter note, well at least the heaven’s finally falling, and my flat cash position is somehow going to be able to wait for setups to come in the next coming days.

Also, I was reading Batman Comics’ The Widening Gyre… and I just had to think, after everything that Batman’s villains ever did in his life, why does he never really kill them for good?  So is Batman really an idealist in human life?  I find this hard to believe.  I dunno, I should probably scour the net for the next in the series, as that definitely left me hanging.



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2 Responses to Useless Rants

  1. Mon says:

    Read Batman Year One if you haven’t.


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