Oct. 31, 2011- Listening to Hugh Hendry :D

I got this link via Market Oracle.  This is one of those financial site aggregators that I believe have great curations apart from my daily staple financial food  found in StockTwits and Abnormal Returns.  Check the interview.  Hugh Hendry is a very good hedgefund manager of Eclectica Asset Managment.  He’s a generalist.  He’s picked up a few monikers such as the man who bankrupted Iceland, the man almost similar to Chanos who drives his point straight when he sees discrepancies (One of the first guys openly lambasting Greece, Chinese property bubbles etc).

Overall, he’s a really impressive man.  I urge you to watch it and, you’ll surely come out very happy with the outcome.  Its about 55 minutes (5 part Youtube Videos).  Thank you LSE conference for having Hugh Hendry.  Fantastic stuffs!

The best trade of any color is when you don’t fear the consequences of being wrong.
As you set up the ex-ante basis, how much does it pay me if I’m wrong, and how much does it pay me if I’m right?

– Hugh Hendry

I love the guy.  He’s humble, acknowledges mistakes, does his research, goes with his conviction, and takes losses with ease.  He calls Bernanke, Greenspan the evil geniuses that they are.  He doesn’t sugarcoat his views.  He calls Wall Street II terrible, and I do agree with him.  Just watch the guy.  It’s worth your time.

Wikipedia/Google him.  Great personality.

– Faceless Trader


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One Response to Oct. 31, 2011- Listening to Hugh Hendry :D

  1. sandra says:

    i have learned that one must be equipped at all t imes. Never should we tempted to put down our guards or be laxed. Be disciplined and continue learning – these are valuable lessons in life not only for trading.


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