August 17, 2011- Entrepreneurs, Startups, VCs and grreeeat links to Watch!

Hello :d  I’m back from my vacation.  I’ve got lots of stories to share.  I’ve also been helping my girlfriend with her site (clue: her love is reading books, arts and food).  I’ll be sure to share it to you guys exclusively here when it opens— very very soon.  It’s simple, but that’s what’s great about everything I’ve started with her.    It always took one very small step, and I just kept on going on and on and on.  Never been a fan of grandiose plans.  I’ve always just pushed everything with an extra inch, so she ended up with me, and I with her.

In any case, here are some great links I believe every trader might want to watch.  Let’s face it, most traders are also entrepreneurs at heart, so let’s get the ball rolling with the best videos to watch on startups, entrepreneurs, Venture capitalists etc 😀 Enjoy.

1.) Watch Salman Kahn’s videos re Venture Capitalists, Private Equity markets for a quick understanding on Bloomberg’s latest show to watch!

2.) Tech Stars- Bloomberg TV.

Move over American Idol, and move over Survivor? There’s a new reality show (okay, documentary-reality series) in town, but luckily no one’s getting voted off the island. In this tech TV version, it’s startups and their founders iterating, scrambling through feature sets, and competing for the affections of investors.

Watch this.  🙂  September 13! Read more about it here:





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