August 5, 2011- Shark Fest

Readers of my blog know I love calling short term traders as sharks.  Well here’s a great article about sharks and how you can trade the markets- shark style 😀

The Top 5 Reasons Sharks Rule: (You can read more about sharks here)

5.)  Their Sense of Smell

These sensitive cells can detect even the slightest traces of blood in the water.

4.) Their Longevity

When I talk about longevity though, I don’t mean an individual shark’s lifespan but rather how long they’ve been in existence as a species.

There’s no doubt that sharks are one of the most feared creatures on Earth. They are also one of the most enduring. The oldest shark fossils found by marine biologists to date are from more than 300 million years ago. To put that in perspective, the age of sharks predates the the age of the  dinosaurs. The sharks however, laugh at meteor impacts and ice ages.

3.)Their Skeletons

Sharks have skeletons made entirely of cartilage. That is the same pliable, highly flexible substance  your nose and ear bones are really made of. Cartilage is strong and sturdy but it has a much lower density than real bone. This material keeps sharks relatively lightweight, so they don’t sink in the ocean and they don’t need an air bladder like other fish.

So how does this marvelous, pliable skeleton make sharks scarier? Consider if you will, all the torture and torment the open sea can dish out. All the storms and tsunamis and prey vs. prey action. All the whirlpools and underground volcanoes and a million other ways to die. Now imagine being a one ton great white killing machine of a shark jumping into a feeding frenzy knowing you will bend but not break. It just isn’t fair I tell ya.

2.) You Can’t Sneak Up On Them

Sharks/Traders are fast.  They don’t have huge positions that affect the tides of the mark

1.) The Teeth – “Be Decisive in Your Kills”

The shark’s teeth act like a thousand mini guillotines as they are not designed to actually chew the prey so much as they are to instantly kill it so it can be swallowed whole. Only some bottom dwelling sharks have developed teeth designed for grinding open the shells of mollusks. The more active sharks need only the pure stabbing power of razor honed bone.


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  1. JL says:

    hmmmm .. quite early for an FT post 😉

    how r u doing bro? 😉


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