July 31, 2011- And the Message Can’t Always Be Put Into Words – Tribute to Jesse Livermore

Over the weekend, my girlfriend helped me fix some trading artworks as a tribute to the birthday of Mr. Jesse Livermore.  She knows how much of a fan I am of the guy.  For a very good writeup about the legendary trader, please read Mr. John Lee’s post “Happy Birthday Jesse Livermore”.  I guarantee the post is chock full of wisdom from the ages.

*All pictures courtesy from searching images from Google and are not meant for any commercial purposes. If by any chance, we aren’t able to acknowledge the proper artists for the linear arts, please know that we recognize your work and do not mean to plagiarize any of your works.    My girlfriend and I just synthesized our favorite trading quotes and slammed it with pictures 😀 Please enjoy the slideshow/album by clicking here or below.

A Collection of Jesse Livermore’s Wisdom

-Faceless Trader


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