July 20, 2011- A Complete Trader According to Larry Williams

References: Larry Williams, How to Make A Million Like Larry, INO TV

There are many con-artists in the trading space, but Larry Williams is the real thing.  Larry Williams has been successfully trading and researching trading techniques for three decades. Despite his youthful appearance, he has survived many trading battles and, in the process, has developed some incredible firepower. There have been many commodity analysts over the years, but Larry is the only one who has made over $1 million in less than one year on three separate occasions. In this fast-moving video, Larry explains how he’s been able to do the seemingly impossible. You’ll learn some of the actual techniques he uses in his trading and find out how he’s blown away everyone else in the trading championships. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll get an opportunity to get inside the head of this living legend of trading so you can see what it takes to accomplish what he has done. Larry Williams is one of the legendary traders of all time. One of his most notable achievements involved parlaying a $10,000 account into $1.1 million in a World Cup Trading Championship. He is the succesfull author of a number of best-selling investment trading books.


Oh and If you happened to have watched Dawson’s Creek before?  Well Larry Williams is the father of Michele Williams 😀

The 90 minute video is worth your while. But in case, you don’t have the time to watch the legend talk about his strategies, I have scribbled my notes for your perusal.

In Larry’s own words:
A.)  Being a great trader is more than following a mechanical systems.  Instead of dumping systems, I’ll try to develop what a successful trader is about.  The truth is, we overcomplicate. We’re using all these fancy stuff, fancy math but there are basic bread and butter stuff that exists every single month, that works.  Look for a place where the odds are in your favor.
B.)  I’m not a great trader.  I just take worthy odds. (For Larry to say this, you definitely listen hard.)
C.) RATS – Rules, Attitudes, Techniques and Systems
If you have some basic rules, but no attitudes , no techniques and no systems, you’ll never be a complete trader

D.) I dont care how smart you are, but if you violate these rules, you’re dead.

The Basic Rules:
1.) You must limit your losses. Period.
People who should have never blown out have left the game because they violated their stops.
2.) Let Your Profits Run
There’s only one way for profits to go up.  That is time.  We need time in our trades.  Those who go in and out are destined to failure.  The question is just sooner or later.
3.) You must never plunge.  Ever.
You can overtrade by trading too many contracts, or trading too frequently.
You’ll need to have money management or you’ll blow up.We all read Jesse Livermore’s book, we want to plunge.  When you have that “THE trade” – that’s the loser.  The trade that is most comfortable, is the one that doesn’t work.You’re chasing disasters, and you’re disguising them as chasing winners.

– The Faceless Trader wonders why legendary traders always make trading seem so effortless.  Hmm …?


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