Charts are Boring. Stories are Exciting and Some Companies are Making Real Money

For the record, there are numerous times when I think that my life’s work is completely senseless exercise.  After years and years of honing my chart reading exercise, and even registering for certifications in the field,  even a couple of four bagger gains and whopping swingtrading returns don’t really get my attention. I’m not excited.  Numbers are numbers.  If I am up thousand % of returns in a couple of months, I frankly don’t give a damn.  Okay, maybe it’s nice to brag about it, but heck, I don’t really feel happy.

Even if Bloomberg pastes my picture one day for performing well in some managed fund, I don’t think I’ll be particularly happy.  I’m frustratingly bored.  Charts and numbers are just boring.  Trading well is honestly boring.  You’ve got your stops, your entries and targets, and all you do is go on autopilot mode.  That’s it. The end.  Period.

I just don’t find it any alluring to look at charts the whole day, and wonder about whether the candlesticks are going to go down or up.  It’s not what makes me go up every morning to come to work.

Ironically, while financial markets are supposed to give everyone else the freedom to do and pursue the things they want to do, I feel a little imprisoned in my cubicle – ala- Wall Street esque brain.

Don’t get me wrong.  I live and breathe with the markets the whole day.  I sleep with Bloomberg or CNBC shows playing the whole night, with Francine Lacqua, Betty Liu or Melissa Lee humming softly in my dreams.  Somewhere at the back of my head though, I sometimes talk to my girlfriend and ask her whether I should do something more tangible with all the freedom that financial markets give and allow me to have.  Time is gold, and I’ve been wasting a lot of gold.

Wall Street offers me that sense of “financial freedom”, for most of my cash to work for me, while I go do anything I frankly like.

Provided that Wall Street offers in a sense, quite an easy and effortless, sometimes mind-numbing exercise compared to most jobs out in the world, I frankly feel at times that it’s a complete waste of my time.

Am I just having the realization that I want to create tangible things?  Rather than be a passive investor in innovative companies that are product driven?  Have I grown tired of paper assets?  Is this normal?  Oh well.

What Took Me So Long?

So here’s me, trying to out maneuver myself into providing any of my readers a few things that actually gets me excited in the markets.

If there’s one particular thing that really gets me up in the morning, it’s got to be stories.  These aren’t just your particular run-of-the-mill dreams, but dreams that turned into real companies.  These are the ones who are generally the only reason why I still love studying the markets.  It’s not that I particularly like what happens with their charts.  It’s more about, why do the funds honestly believe that this particular company is worth so and so, and such.

So here I am, your bored chartist and wanna-be entrepreneur someday, who’d like to give you a taste of the best companies I like (they may or may not display good charts, but I’d look into them), by writing about them  once in a while – I’d make a category page for them.

My Macro Thinking Cap is getting turned on,

-Faceless Trader


Is this just me?  Can I get some feedbacks from traders who’ve been at this game for a long time?  Thanks. I assure you that even a PWR and LIHC move isn’t quite the “excitement” that will jumpstart my day.



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6 Responses to Charts are Boring. Stories are Exciting and Some Companies are Making Real Money

  1. marvin says:

    I read somewhere that trading is boring if you are trading stocks the right way! 😀


    • Hello Marvin,

      Thanks. Yeah. I’ve read that before too. I guess its just that at times, it feels better to also do more than trading. Thanks for the well wishes and I hope you’re doing fine 😀


  2. Hi faceless,

    It is surprising to know that even you are making good money in trading, still, it makes you bored. I would like to think that there comes a time in our career na meron talagang struggle. Personally, I experience that so often. But in my case, I am a little confused kung tama ang tinatahak kong career and really thinking long term. We all want to be financially free and happy. Sabi nga ni Tony Hsieh Pursuit for Passion, Profits and Purpose. In my case, Nasa pursuit pa lang ako nung tatlo! ^_^ Have a great day and Smile!!!


  3. Frank says:

    You are an explorer. You belong on an expedition to high peaks and thin air, or in the coral seas viewing strange forms of prehistoric life, or on a safari in the Serengeti experiencing the vast wonders of nature, or viewing the heartbeat pf Ayers Rock at sunrise, or being on a Harley in Montana on a warm summer’s day with the wind whistling through your hair. You have an insatiable thirst for the new, for the exciting, for the unexpected. A chart is a construct, it is not the real thing. Make your money, set a limit, pack it in, see the wondrous world while you can. Advice from someone who admires your guts and determination, and your questioning of what really matters. By the way, meditation is a good way to experience the world from within.


    • Thank you frank. I appreciate all your kind words and comments. I am looking to be an explorer to the unknown, in time. Thank you very much. I wish to share some of those expeditions with you and your family too. Btw, I would like to extend this comment in mentioning you…as one of those people (those small acts of kindness) when I used to work for XYZ. I really treasure the friendship in knowing someone like you. Please read A Small Act (2010)- My August 1, 2011 post – FT 😀


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