Where are the women in our lives?

When my girlfriend and I gets hitched one of these days, (no years! haha, I’m enjoying my bachelor life). I’ll be less tempted to find other girls like her.  Not because I’m hitched, but only because there are fewer women to fantasize and select about by then. (Peace to all girls, I was kidding).

Foreign Policy’s Mara Hvistendahl recently wrote” Where Have All The Girls Gone?” and I find myself asking the same thing.  According to this article, by 2013, an estimated one in 10 men in China will lack a female counterpart.  By the late 2020s, that figure could jump to one in five.  While there are many scenarios for how these men will cope without women, several of them will involve rising rates of unrest (as murder rates soared in the male-dominated Wild West in looking at America’s history, doomsday analysts say).

Some feminists in Asia are worried that as women become scarce, they’ll be pressured into taking on domestic roles and becoming housewives and mothers rather than scientists and entrepreneurs.  I couldn’t help but laugh reading this article.  All around the world, developed countries have advanced their technologies that they immediately know the sex of their children while in their fetuses.  So advanced, have their medicinal technologies worked that their lingering anxieties right now have to do with sex selection and the repercussions of changing nature’s path.

Here in the Philippines, we are still thinking about whether we will pass the RH bill, while the priests go on driving in their SUVS.  I don’t know if I’d laugh at the state of things or cry at how much we’ve lagged behind (and perhaps turned out better in some ways, since we never really altered our male-female ratios yet).

All I know is that even if technology tells you that you will know the sex of your baby fetus while in your womb, don’t stop giving birth to that child even if the baby turns out to be female.  Females are wonderful creatures.  Those families who keep on insisting on having a son, well the world’s over populated with males.  Be happy with what God blessed you with and take care of that child.

Do Read Mara’s article which I linked above.  It’s well worth your time.

I’m for gender neutrality and I’m just not making sense,

– The Faceless Trader



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