Senseless News and Interesting Links – July 13, 2011

And time for some senseless news reporting of things that had already happened, which you can’t take actions with anymore, except to hold if you have and congratulate yourself with a pat in the back for ratcheting up some powerful gains.

While the European dominos were crumbling outside of the Philippine shores , some of your favorite Philippine charts, LC,LCB,GERI,PWR,MA, MAB and ORE were racketing up some jackpot gains that only 2nd and 3rd liners could. Among those 7 powerful gainers, 6 are above all the default moving averages breaking into all time highs, while one was the exception to the rule.  Thus, for chart pattern savants like me, I’m happy taking the easy trades such as those 6 types rather than the more difficult trades like the latter.    Money is money, and tickers are just tickers, and always go long with strong.  Yes, you’ve heard it right. Go long with strong. 

For the rest of the public who don’t seem to mind charts and want to nitpick and exercise their macro thinking caps, perhaps the following news bits below could amuse your lives as much as it did mine:

1.) We All Lose in Exports Against China

Reuters recently reported that Philippines exports have been dropping as electronics shipments have fallen.  Actually this hasn’t just been happening on our shores, but the entire European nation has been losing in the exports space.  And we are all losing to China.  According to WSJ,  China Boosts Lead in Global Exports.  Latest evidences have reported China gaining 20% up year on year in their exports space despite economic dificulties in US,Europe and supply disruptions in Japan.

Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain (PIGS) where wages are relatively high and where productivity growth has been slow were the ones directly vulnerable to Chinese exports.  It’s inevitable that they can ever pay their debts considering how things really are.

Meanwhile, the $EURUSD chart actually just hit support levels right now and is staging a technical snapback rally, as the bears cover their shorts at current levels of 1.4000 with a tight stop at 1.3950, and a short term traget of 1.4088 at least for a reprieve, as the sell-off these past few days have been rather hellish and looks more like a one way trade.  If you’d rather trade the strongest of the pack, perhaps $NZDUSD or $AUDUSD is your cup of tea, as these charts are also just nearing their highs.  Pat yourself in the back if you’ve been holding all your longs in gold $XAUUSD.

2.) Lego Trophies for these Google Science Fair Awardees
I’m awfully inspired whenever I see kids like these solving problems with their ingenious science experiments.  Check out what the Google Science fair is all about, as well as news about them here

3.) Philippine Blogs that are bastions of light (to add on to your reading)

Get Real Philippines/Money Talks – I got this from a friend who emailed me an older version e-book of what Get Real Philippines is all about, and I must say that they have gotten my attention.  Cocoy Dayao as well as other Filipinos’ views are smart opinions and worth reading. I’ll try to follow up particular articles I liked most from reading their work and upload a scribd article of their work.  I’ll give you guys a summary since it’s around 70 pages, but do read it when I’ve uploaded their work in a separate post, as it’s been written very well and the ideas they built upon are truly reflective of the current Philippine society.

4.) Bloomberg’s Latest Show – The Risk Takers – Premiering Tonight! 9pm Eastern Time which is 8am Manila Time July 14, 2011

Just watch it here.  I can’t embed the file.

Bloomberg Risk Takers: A new series that provides a captivating look into a new generation of entrepreneurs who have taken a gamble, faced down failure, and revolutionized the way the world does business. How did they do it? Find out on Bloomberg Risk Takers. Featuring JetBlue founder, David Neeleman; investor, Michael Burry; sports agent, Scott Boras; public policy maker, Michelle Rhee; and entrepreneur, Elon Musk.

5.) Growth Businesses – Fishing and Farming

Time magazine issued two articles that made me think what the hell am I doing in trading?  I should be growing businesses, and maybe this is something you’d like to think about too.

Want to Make More than a Banker? Become a Farmer!


The Business of Growing is growing

At a time when the overall economy is limping along at an anemic growth rate of 1.9%, net farm income was up 27% last year and is expected to jump another 20% in 2011.

Farmland is quickly emerging as one of the year’s hottest investments on Wall Street. “We’ve been doing this for a number of years, long before anyone thought this was sexy,” says Jeff Conrad, who heads Hancock Agricultural Investment Group. “Now we are getting a lot of calls, and we are noticing more competition. There’s a lot of interest in New York.”

Chuck Fluharty of the Rural Policy Research Institute at the University of Missouri sees a possible renaissance in farm towns. As money flows back into those areas, he predicts, farmers will need somewhere to invest. As they did with ethanol, he says, farmers will put their money in new industries that will create uses for their crops, like biodegradable plastics or other kinds of biofuels. The result will be more jobs. “Agriculture is the most critical story in our economy today,” says Fluharty. “It will affect the future of the world.”

Read Time Magazine’s The End of the Line

Jon Goldman shares how his fish farms (Australis Aquaculture) produce great quality fish without harming oceans or anything else.  They are raising barramundi, manufactured in fish factories and sent off to seafood restaurants and sustainability-minded retail outlets across the US.

Australis’ barramundi has become so popular, in fact, that Goldman has expanded production — but not in Massachusetts. While the closed recirculating system he uses in Turners Falls is an environmentalist’s dream, Goldman eventually wanted to reach a larger market at a lower cost, a step that he decided required an outdoor operation on the central coast of Vietnam.

Aquaculture – is the solution to over fishing.  

Humans have been raising some fish in farms for almost as long as we’ve been fishing, beginning with Chinese fishponds 4,000 years ago. But it’s only in the past 50 years that aquaculture has become a true industry. Global aquacultural production increased from less than 1 million tons in 1950 to 52.5 million tons in 2008, and over the past few decades, aquaculture has grown faster than any other form of food production. Today about half the seafood consumed around the world comes from farms, and with the projected rise in global seafood consumption, that proportion will surely increase.

Building a Humane Economy This isn’t a story about being a martyr; it’s a story about thriving.   Joshua Tetrick of writes about entrepreneurs who are thriving, and creating jobs instead of waiting for a better spot in the unemployment line.  Check what these modern entrepreneurs are doing today.

I am very bullish with what each of us can do to make the world a better place,

-The Faceless Trader


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