Useful and Interesting Links – 7/5/11

Useful and Interesting Links:

1.) Undeserved Orphans in the Market 

“They’ve been sort of unsponsored, if you will, almost orphaned in the marketplace,” – Mr. Luschini of large cap tech stocks

2.) Mild Crush on Marissa Campise – Tech Space Venture Rock Star

“It sounds cheesy, but I’m a mother and I tell my son the same thing.  You should always  have end goals and put your best foot forward, but I do believe that process matters.” – Campise

3.) On Peak Performance  and Ingenius Solutions

Renita Kalhorn shows you how you can step up your game.  How to invest your time, focus and energy for maximum results.  Place this on your blogroll, if ever you’re addicted to learning more on these topics.

Meet Paul Polak and you’ll be astounded.  Let him speak through your mind, and change your lives and how you can solve poverty, without breaking the pocket.

Out of Poverty teaches us to think simple. Paul Polak brings forward ideas and solutions that bypass government agencies and other leaden institutions. Ideas that work!

Trading Blogs by Filipinos who can be learnt upon:

(I’ll place them in a links page, with complete blogrolls and topic headers once I’m done fixing my site.  Bear with my slow construction of my site for now)  

1.) Bubble Boy Trader  – Ex-hedgefund manager, Filipino.  Check it out.  This guy doesn’t BS trading.  He’s worth reading, plus lifestyle and layouting is akin to my style.  As his tagline says, – Bubble boy trader is a journey to holistic finance.

2.) Aris David – Based in Toronto, guys’ works are diligent.  Check out.

*There are a couple trading blogs that most Filipinos read such as spyfrat’s call, betting on harmonics, tsupitero etc so I didn’t place them anymore, as I deem they are probably known already.  In any case, I mentioned them and a quick google search will just point you to the links.

-The Faceless Trader

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