Peak Performance Profiles – George Soros

Peak Performance Profiles By The Faceless Trader

Note: Peak Performance Profiles is a category space where I wish to exalt the best trading practices of known and unknown entities.  You can somehow surmise, they are predominantly populated by my “rock star idols” in the realm of finance.  However, I will include in the series other people who influenced my own trading, who are excellent in non-trading fields such as sports, mathematics etc.

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back” – Chinese Proverb

In my own quest of achieving the apex in the field of trading, I’ve been fascinated about studying the different types of people who have already done so.  One of them happens to go by the name of Mr. George Soros

A Tribute to George Soros: My Rock Star In The Realm of Finance 

Whenever I mention to my peers in the arts space, that my job delves in the market, they invariably assume that I am good with numbers.  It seems that most people still believe that dominance in the trading arena requires one to be good in numbers, since one delves with so many financial statements, economic numbers and all sorts of estimates.  They couldn’t be more wrong. 

As George Soros famously said once, “Mathematics didn’t govern the financial markets.  Psychology did.  More precisely, the herd instinct.”  Soros’ primary theory behind the markets was that in order to consistently have an edge over the other players, one had to figure out when and how the herd was going to get behind a certain stock or currency or commodity, and the successful investor could get out in front.  Soros thought that all the economic textbooks were wrong.  Most finance theories assume that people are rational, and that stock prices had a built in logic.  Soros would have none of that.  He thought that the financial world was unstable, chaotic.  If one can discern the chaos, then one could become rich.

Excerpts from Robert Slater’s “Unauthorized Biography of the World’s Greatest Investor”

Money, as it turns out, at one time had only marginal appeal for Soros.  He didn’t set out to be a world-class investor, to make huge amounts of money.  He had yearned instead to be a man of ideas and had always found it more comfortable to move in the realm of intellect than that of finance. 

Yet, he found that he had a gift for earning money- a great deal of money.  It seemed to come easily.  Perhaps that was why he felt tainted by money.  He wanted to do more with his life than simply accumulate wealth. 

Not that Soros considered financial speculation immoral or thought it mere gambling.  He made no excuses for what he was doing; he simply did not get a kick out of it.  Soros yearned to make a contribution to others- a contribution that would be remembered. 

– The Faceless Trader


(This post will be updated and continued, as I finish the book) 

Inspirational References: Robert Slater, “The Unauthorized Biography of The World’s Greatest Investor: George Soros”

Useful Links for Robert Slater’s book: Download a copy here. Or through scribd here

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